UCR NetID Generation and Onboarding process

As you may know the deployment of IAMRiverside is scheduled to go live March 20, 2023. This will affect the UCR NetID Generation and Onboarding process for Staff and Faculty new hires. Students will continue to retain their student NetIDs when they become an employee. Below is some information regarding the processes UCR should be following.

What’s New:


  • A UCR NETID can be obtained before the UCPath hire template is processed.
    • Includes Staff, Faculty and CWR’s.
    • No longer have to rely on pre-hire process for NETID’s
  • The NETID will be matched to the employee once the UCPath hire template is processed which may allow additional access based on employee affiliation (Staff, Faculty, Student, CWR).
    • UC Learning Center access still requires a UCPath profile (processed template)
What’s Changing:


  • If a UCR NetID is obtained prior to the UCPath template, the NetID must be provided with the UCPath Onboarding request to the Shared Service Center. This expedites the matching process and complete the employee Identity Management profile.
  • Student employee’s will still need to have a SSN in Banner and UCPath, but it will no longer be part of the matching process that reconciles the student NetID to the Student Employee record in UCPath. Providing the Student NetID to the SSC with the UCPath Onboarding request will expedite this reconciliation and avoid access delays.
What’s Staying the Same:


  • You can still wait for the UCPath template to be processed for the UCR NetID to be generated.


Policy Around Volunteers, Contingent Workers-Affiliates and Person of Interest-Affiliates Appointments on Campus

Current policy
Provides guidance for affiliates who are non-employees (e.g., volunteer services, temporary agency workers)

A new policy
is currently under development (Timeline: TBD)

For Questions:

  • Please reach out to Central HR Policy at and/or Academic Personnel Office (APO) at if you need assistance with determining the appropriate CWR-Affiliate or POI-Affiliate Type to use in UCPath

Hire Process Resources

General resources to help guide the onboarding process, IAM specific resources available below

New Hire Onboarding Process​ For NetID Generation ​

The presentation covers the process flow and description of three types of New Hire Onboarding Process methods:

  • Standard Hire Process
  • Pre-Hire Process
  • IAMRiverside process

SSC Information

This presentation covers: 

  • Required fileds for IAM Riverside & Review the IAM Riverside NETId Process Request if done prior to UCPath Template

IAM Change Impact Document

IAM Resources

Source for Employee and Contingent Worker Account Types


  • ITS has noted that UCPath Will Continue to Be Authoritative Source for Employee and Contingent Worker Account Types.
  • IAMRiverside will look to UCPath as the authoritative source for account type. As a result, some users may notice a change in their access if there is currently a discrepancy between their UCPath designation and any alternate designation provided by eDir or eForms.
    • Please Note: ITS believes there are only a handful of units that this applies to, but if you or your staff experience any access issues after Go Live, please ensure that proper attributions have been applied in UCPath and EACS. If access issues persist, please submit a ticket to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) team.
Resources provided by the IAM Team: