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Moving away from customized modules toward delivered Oracle functionality. This process will allow locations to submit new hires via PeopleSoft pages rather than templates to reduce the lead time in hiring, streamline the entry process and mitigate any errors.  

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Lived Name aims to have a student or employee's self-chosen name to be used in all university communications and reporting, except where legal names are required by law, industry standard or legitimate business needs.

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As you may know the deployment of IAMRiverside is scheduled to go live March 20, 2023. This will affect the UCR NetID Generation and Onboarding process for Staff and Faculty new hires. Students will continue to retain their student NetIDs when they become an employee. Please view the webpage for more information regarding the processes UCR should be following.

UCPath Online is changing to an Improved Fluid Navigation this October for the following stakeholders: transactors and inquirers. This change will have no effect to the general employee. The goal of Improve Navigation is to enhance the UCPath transactor experience by deploying Fluid navigation; an intuitive, modernized solution that will work on all devices. This project is intended to make finding transactions easier and reduce clicks by adjusting how transactors navigate to information. It will not change any transactions – just how you navigate. 

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Updated Offboarding Process (Changes)

There is a change to the updated offboarding process that was rolled out last month. As mentioned before this new process will require adjustments and updates as we move forward to ensure it is feasible for our campus and also accounts for exceptions, exclusions, and scenarios that impact the turnaround time. With that said, please review the changes below:

What has changed since we implemented the updated offboarding process?:

  • At this time, the UCPath Center cannot support the 72-hour turnaround time for final pay for non-represented, voluntary termination employees. This means that voluntary non-represented employees will continue to receive final paychecks on the next on-cycle check date.
  • Please continue to provide the 1-day turnaround (where each stakeholder: employee, supervisor, Dept HR/AP staff, SSC should send information to the next level within 1 business day) so we can streamline the final pay process and make it as efficient as possible on our campus.

When will the 72-hour process update take place?

  • At this time there is no ETA on when UCPath will implement the 72-hour rule for final pay for non-represented voluntary terminations. However, as we receive more information we will provide updates to all stakeholders. In the meantime, please continue to provide termination information within the 1-day timeframe.

As a reference, over the past eight months, the UC Office of the President (UCOP) along with the UCPath Center (UCPC) and all 20 UC Location teams have been working to review and streamline the offboarding process to add additional efficiencies including speeding up the turnaround time to issue final paychecks for ALL employees (represented and non-represented) who separate voluntarily. Learn More Here



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Transactors - Reach us during office hours via, or call at 951.827.9500

UCR Employees - For questions about UCPath:

  • Campus Support Center:  UCR’s local support center to answer UCR UCPath and payroll questions, as well as HR and benefits-related inquiries.
    Phone: 951.827.9500 Email:,
  • UCPath:  Log in to UCPath Online. Select the yellow “Ask UCPath Center” button in the top right of your browser window to send a secure message  or virtually “chat” live with a UCPath Center associate between 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. about a variety of topics. You can also call the UCPath Center Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., excluding holidays, at 855-982-7284.