This page has been developed to provide a joint resource for all COVID-19 leave management for academics and staff from BFS, HR, APO, CSC/UCPath. Please keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation so things may change abruptly. The information below will be updated as new information is received.

COVID-19 TARS (Time Reporting) Information
Academics: COVID-19 Leave Policy and Campus Procedures
Staff: COVID-19 Leave Policy and Campus Procedures
COVID-19 Reporting (Cognos and AdHoc reporting)
  • Current COVID-19 Reports In Production:
    • In production: Under Payroll - R-050 Paid Administrative Leave Usage FDD available,
    • In production: Under Payroll - R-052 FFCRA Leave Tracking (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) FDD available
    • In development: Under Payroll – R-054 COVID-19 Leave, no FDD
  • Cognos Reports/Job Aids
UCPath and UCOP Guidance